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Why do we accept the bare minimum?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

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Have you ever wondered why we compromise when it comes to certain people? Why are we suddenly okay with accepting whatever they have to offer, just because it’s them? Well, I do and I observed that most people seem to get mad and hard on themselves over this fact, instead of getting into core and understanding where the issue lies and how can we cure it? And so, I decided to write about it. I really hope this will help you understand yourself and your actions better.

Ok, so where does the issue lie really? When thought upon it, I feel that maybe we are not even aware of what we actually deserve and that is why we tend to accept whatever they have to offer, in other words when you don’t realize or understand your own worth, you let people treat you in whichever way they want because you yourself don’t know the right way and so you can’t tell if theirs is wrong.

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It is so important to understand what you deserve, sometimes it happens when someone shows us the right way i.e. when someone treats us right, and you will always feel it in your gut when a person is right or wrong for you, you can only hear your gut when you have a good connection and understanding with your own self, trust me the gut never lies! But, we as people ignore the red flags because we love the other person so much. Ok, pause, for whom are you being this selfless? Why don’t you think that someone out there can treat you better, and can make you feel loved? Why do you want to be where you are? Just because you know this person for much longer and he/she feels at home? Okay! But, don’t people change homes when they don’t seem to be comfortable in their present place? They do, right? So why can’t you? Nothing is hard or complicated about it. It’s all in the head, you might be the kind of person who fears change, but how will you know what life has to offer to you if you will not allow it to show you? And why can’t you walk away from that person or situation? Why can’t you move on? Who are you? A tree?

How are you ever going to get what you really deserve, if you will not let go of something/ someone you know isn’t right for you? Sit with yourself someday, and ponder upon the questions I asked, you will get an answer for yourself. I can say this with much assurance because when I thought upon it, I realized I have known this forever but I decided to be treated as an option when I knew that was not what I deserved and that was all because that place felt comforting and homely but just because it looks right, doesn’t mean it is right. Stop waiting for someone to act right. If they're doing the bare minimum and you keep settling for it, that's all they'll keep giving you.

Trust me, when you realize your worth and you walk away from things/bonds that are not meant for you and the people who don’t treat you right, you will see how much the world has to offer to you! Every experience whether good or bad is learning, it just depends on how you perceive it.

There is this story that I read on Instagram and it makes so much sense to me. Jesus asked this little girl to give him her teddy that she was tightly holding on to, and she goes on saying, “But I love it, God”. And Jesus says, “Trust me.” Little did she know, that behind his back, Jesus was holding a teddy bear twice the size of the one the little girl was clinging to. This one has stuck by me since the day I read it. It made me understand that God will never take something away from you, without the intention of replacing it with something bigger and better. So, when nothing seems to make sense, just trust the process and God! He will never put you into a situation, you are not capable of handling.

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Deep down, you know how you should be treated, we all do. You deserve someone who is there for you, a love that is not conditional, a person who misses you when they are surrounded by hundreds of people at 12 in the noon, not someone who texts you just when they feel alone, someone who finds a way to include you in their busy schedule, just because that is how much they appreciate your presence and not someone who talks to you only when they are free. And, if they don’t treat you like the most amazing person that you are, then you surely know that they don’t deserve you because having someone like you in their life, must be treated as a privilege because it’s not something everyone gets!

Also, you know what? When you value yourself, you teach others to value you too!

So, next time you feel like someone isn’t treating you right, ask yourself why are you allowing them to?

"Wanna stop accepting lower than you deserve? Start thinking of yourself higher than you have before"

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