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Welcoming this year with an Open heart

Hey readers, this is my first blog of 2022! Oh my god, who knew I would write this, I feel nothing but grateful for the year that went by while I welcome the new year with an open heart.

This year taught me so much about life, I had ups and down with my friends and family but at the end of the year, I knew whom to call my people, whom to go for comfort, whom to call my home! I found a home away from home, and that makes me wonder what did I do to have them.

I came to college this year (finally, offline college), I started my very own blog, received my first stipend, lost some people, found some, got some people back in my life, learned how to live and manage things on my own, celebrated my birthday with the people that make me happy to be alive. My heart is full as 2021 is over and we are welcoming 2022. I will never forget the year that went by.

It taught me so much, but most importantly it taught me about myself. There’s a lot left to discover but I know I will explore myself with time. I am grateful for all the lessons learned, the experiences I had, the people I lost, the ones I found. Can honestly say, this was the happiest year of my life. I was recognized and appreciated for my talent this year, people legit said look at that girl she writes amazing blogs, what else do I need? But this was all possible because of the people I have, because of the way they support me, because of the happiness I see on their faces when I achieve something, I never knew I would meet such people but I did!! The feeling is amazing and no matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to express it in words.

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This year taught me to live in the moment, to just be where I am, and enjoy being there! It taught me to not overthink about what the future holds, or what my past was but to live and enjoy in the present with people around me, also the ones who are meant to be will always find a way back to you, and hence there is no need to worry about who’ll stay and who’ll not. Be there, enjoy the time you have with them and have no regrets.

We all are growing, as we grow our parents are growing too. The changes I have seen in my parents in the last few months, whenever I think about it, warms my heart. Nobody can believe in you more than your parents, and nobody can do what your parents do for you, they sometimes might not express but they trust you and they are proud of you. They will let you do whatever you want to, and support you too all you need to do is maintain their trust and not break it. You own their heart, keep it safe.

My perspective about things has changed a lot and I am happy it did. My faith in vibes and all the spiritual things I believe have become stronger. For me, my birthday used to be normal because I didn’t feel celebrated, but this year the people whom I call my framily (friends that became family) made me feel celebrated, happy to exist. I don’t know what did I do to have them but I have the best friends!!

I found the people without whom even my favorite food feels tasteless (never in my life I thought I would say this), the best part of living in a hostel is you don’t have to eat alone, because you have family-like friends who won’t eat without you, they’ll come to you and with all the love in their heart will tell you to come fast, because the food tastes delicious when with them, you’ll share your stress with them, how you have studied nothing and the exam is tomorrow, and they’ll console you by saying same :D

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I realized we sometimes don’t get what we want in life because God has better plans for us. Sometimes all you need to do is trust the process. What I never thought would happen, all of that happened in 2021. Can now say it was my year! And 2022, here I come to slay again.

I always wanted to have someone who would feel like home, who would capture and adore me for who I am, who would be goofy around me and who would let be me myself, who would appreciate the child inside me, someone with whom I can be carefree, a friend in front of whom I can make mistakes and she will help me sort things and support while I learn from them, someone with whom I can sit in silence and it won’t feel awkward. Who knew, that one day I will find that person (No, I haven’t found my “the one” yet) I am talking about my soul sister here, people say we have started looking similar and I can not agree more. A soulmate is a word meant not just for partners, but also friends and I feel lucky to have found such a friend. She is my family (my mom loves her more than me, and vice versa)

This turned out to be how my year was, but sometimes it’s good to be thankful and express gratitude, isn’t it?

I feel like I am writing a dream or as if I am writing a book in which everything is good, worth living and that is how my 2021 was! All thanks to the people around me and also to you who give me the motivation to keep going.

Manifesting that 2022 would be great for each one of us, let’s grow together and enjoy life the way we should.

Sending good vibes your way :)

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