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The Generation Gap

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

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You may hear children saying this a lot, “My parents don’t really understand me”, “they are too typical”, “I don’t agree with them” etc. and vice versa. What do you think they are trying to say? What do you think is the problem here? Let me tell you.

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The problem here is the “Generation Gap”, it refers to the difference in actions, opinions, values etc. between the two generations. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are those who were born between 1981 and 1996, while Gen Z are those who were born from 1997 onwards. The two generations face problems with each other because of their age differences. None of them wants to listen, accept the other one or change, they don’t appreciate criticism or try to improve (ego-problem). Yes, I agree that parents are unable to understand their own child sometimes, problems the child is facing, mental issues, work he does and much more but let’s agree to the fact that they love their child anyway, and they want him/her to be nothing but happy. The question I want to ask to the Gen Z generation is that, “When your parents fail to understand you, do you try to understand them? “And I have the same question for parents too. Why can’t we accept the fact that we are two different generations with two different mindsets? Why do we need to prove them wrong or ourselves right? Not everyone will agree to something that you support but just because you are right doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Standing on two different sides you may see the Number as 6, while they may see it as 9 and none of you are wrong, just the view is different.

Sometimes parents are correct as they have more experience, they understand things better and sometimes children are correct as they are growing, they have their own perspective. Remember, “We are never right, just a little less wrong than we were earlier”. There is always a scope of improvement, so we should listen to each other and try to understand. You may end up agreeing with them.

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The best way to solve any problem is Communication. With healthy communication you can not end but at least narrow the generation gap between you and your parents. Whenever you feel like they are unable to understand you, sit with them and tell them everything, try to make them understand, not aggressively but with love, listen to them as well be open to opinions and perspectives. If even then they don’t agree to you then respect them enough and just accept the fact that they have a different view towards that particular thing/topic because when you love someone you don’t change them, you accept them as they are and you love your parents/children, don’t you? Every relationship has differences, and if it’s important to you then you solve them. Don’t let ego or anger come in between the parent-child relationship. Not everybody is blessed with parents/children, don’t take them for granted. Parents need to be more like friends to their children and less like parents. Love them, nurture them, respect them and see how things start getting better. Parents were the only ones obligated to love you; from the rest of the world, you had to earn it.

“The irony of a parent-child relationship is that at any given moment, you never know who is teaching whom”
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