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Refresh and Restart.

Hey! How you doin'? (In Chandler's tone)

How do you feel today? How have you been lately? Does it feel tiring or does life seem worth living?

If you are happy about where you are in your life presently, I feel happy for you! Just, live the moment and try to enjoy it as much as you can but be grateful for it at the same time.

Most of us have been working hard lately, some are actually working and some are just trying to remain sane because it’s their mental health that is tired. Let me tell you, I feel you, I really really do! We go through a lot and we try to deal with it too. And sometimes even though we are fine, it’s our soul that gets tired. Just like sometimes you need to change the battery of your electronic device/machine or you need to switch it off after using it for too long, the same way we human beings need to refresh and restart after we are tired. No offense, I am comparing humans to machines but look at the bigger picture what are we if not machines? Working endlessly towards our goals, charging ourselves because work can’t wait but our mental health can! And much more but that would sound a little too mean so let’s skip.

[Fun Fact: I browsed Refresh and Restart and google showed me the difference between refresh and restart in windows 10; everything is about computer these days (says a computer science engineering student)]

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Why do we not stay for a while and just look around and probably embrace life? Why do you need to constantly run from one thing to another? Who hurt you? Are you not messing up your own self while trying to find a solution for every other thing? If you are stressing about something that is under your control (which is only you) then it makes sense, and if not, then there is no point worrying about something that you can not control. Because it’s not going to end up anywhere anytime soon, you are still going to stress about it at the end of the day. Some things better remain unsolved. Your mind can fool you and at times it’s better not to think about everything your brain tells you, it lies!

When you feel exhausted, try to give yourself some rest, at that time do not judge yourself, do not take any kind of decisions. Do things that make you happy, hydrate a little more than you usually do, try to engage yourself in something or the other. You do not need to ignore or skip your emotions but you do not have to acknowledge each and every one of them. Because overthinking about your emotions can make you question everything, remember the demon and the god both live inside you, it’s your call whom to hear! Let me tell you, life is good and it is going to be better than you ever expected it to be.

All you need to do is maintain your calm while you work on yourself.

When feel confused and it seems like you don’t know which path to take? Just think about how exciting it is! You can go literally anywhere! What if you think like that? Eventually, our Mindsets shape our lives, if you are not happy with your present, somewhere it’s the mindset at fault.

Stop! Then and there for a while, breathe. Everything’s alright, your anxiety is lying to you, you are loved. You are everything you need to be at the moment and with time you will become everything you want to be, everything you admired in other people, just have some faith and do not stop working on yourself. One thing I have learned over time is sometimes your overthinking might be right in a way that it shows you wounds that haven’t healed yet; but if and only if you choose to see the situation from that perspective. Once you feel stable and calm try to get into the root of your problem, such as why things bother you so much, what makes you feel insecure, why are you doubting everything? Get to know yourself more, you might discover something worthy.

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The research suggests that “the little things in life” do bring us happiness, so why not use that to your advantage some days? For some of us, cleaning is therapeutic, try doing more of it. You might like playing a different kinds of games, why don’t you join a club then? Learning music can be refreshing or you might want to look at some old pictures of yourself or maybe your family, and laugh with them while making jokes about how each one of you looked back then. Hanging out with your friends is never a bad idea. You might want to take yourself out on a date in a bookstore if you like how it smells or maybe a cafe. There are so many things that you can do in order to feel refreshed because as they say, the pool is full for those who want to swim.

So, when things feel broken, rather than quickly jumping to the conclusion that they are, I would advise you to consider pressing the Restart button instead. It may take a few minutes, but it’ll be worth it in the end. You are not alone; we all feel the urge to take a break sometimes and it’s better to give in.

Sending good vibes your way :)

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~ Lao Tzu
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