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Updated: May 23, 2022

This blog isn’t about something particular, instead is a random one and includes learnings from my random experiences.

(PS: Apology that I skipped a Tuesday but I hope you like this one)

It’s weird how with some people, it feels like you have known them forever and that you two belong together. While the reality can be very different from what you think. It took me long to understand that I won’t get what I want, but what I need because maybe at the moment I am not ready and right for the thing I want, maybe I need to work on myself a little more so that the moment I get it, I can handle it with responsibility. Now, this can be anything. Probably, a job role you want, a person you want to be with, an internship, your dream college, etc.

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Life teaches you what you need to be taught, of course, the process can be harsh at times. But whatever it is just know that you do not need to settle and compromise your own needs/wants just because you feel this is the right thing to do; do not let “the right path is always tough” direct you into choosing the difficult one every time, the road less taken need not be right. Fun fact: When your mind and body are busy questioning each other’s perspective and they are having a fight, listen to your body at that moment, and by the body, I mean how do you feel in that particular situation and how does your body react to a situation or being because that, my friend will give you all the answers you need (also the one you don’t want to hear).

People like to stay at a place where they aren’t judged for what they say, the way they dress, the way they walk, or whatever. Everyone wants to be accepted but nobody wants to accept. And, the best part is you can choose where to stay and when given a choice you should stay where people appreciate you for who you are, where you are adored for the way, you are! The way you smile and act all goofy because that is how you are. Of course, that can mean walking away from particular people but that’s okay because when you close old doors that’s when you get to open the new ones. (Go, find new people whom you can annoy.)

Sometimes you don’t like how you react to a particular situation or the way you anticipate it and even though you are mature enough; you end up making decisions without thinking much about how it can affect you and people around you and when you do so, you end up judging and even hating yourself for it. But, at the end of the day, your mistakes make you, you right? Whether good or bad but just because they are your mistakes you need to own them and work upon them. And the best part is you can always choose! You can choose how to react to a situation, you can choose your decisions because what you are right now or will become is the result of the choices you make right now, at this very moment.

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One thing that life has taught me currently is, “koi cheez Kabhi itni Nahi bigadti ki shi na ki ja sake” and I think I will remember this throughout. You always have a chance to correct your mistakes, all you need to do is identify them, accept them and have the courage to change them, because the reality is that at the end of the day you are your own responsibility, people around you can do their best to keep you happy and sane. But everyone has their own lives and they suffer from problems they don’t speak out loud. In order to keep your people happy, it is you who needs to be happy first!

Self-care isn’t selfish! If you had to walk away from a person or situation because you were not happy there, I don’t know about others but I am proud of you! Not many people can gather the courage to stand up for themselves and hence, they keep on suffering in silence, and honestly, that’s the worst you can do to yourself. If you don’t like, where you are in life right now, then change it! In order to get a different outcome, you ought to do things differently.

And and and, I can’t stress it enough but sometimes home is a person, someone with whom you can feel comfortable and secure because you know they won’t let anything happen to you, they will never get tired of listening to your pointless stories, and although they may get upset at you for doing certain something they will never judge you the way others do and it feels heartwarming to have such a person. I have mine and if you don’t, I wish you find them soon!

The thing I always remind myself and I would want you to remember too is, do not let anything or any person stop you from believing in beautiful things. Change the world but do not let the world change you (ever!).

Whatever happens, at the end of the day there is always something to be grateful for. It’s good to find a rose in thorns, because if life isn’t all roses, then it isn’t also all thorns too, right? I hope you find your ray of sunshine even on your darkest day.

If you have random stories, you would like me to read, I’ll be more than happy to do so!

Sending good vibes your way :)

"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring." - Lilly Pulitzer

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