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Privacy is Power

It is said that “stay a mystery, it’s better”, I always used to think why so? But I guess now I know why it’s because people can’t ruin what they don’t know. Staying lowkey will give you immense happiness, peace, and a sense of control over your own life.

When you have a lack of self-esteem, boundaries, and give too much of yourself away, you allow others to feel like they can define you and once they do, it’s hard to feel like you can ever deviate from that definition. Guess what? You can’t be defined. People change, they grow and become better than they were yesterday. Privacy is a way of protecting ourselves, it helps us to manage boundaries and do not let people interfere with our lives, which allows us to negotiate who we are and how we want to interact with the world around us.

It helps us to limit, who has access to our things, bodies, places. As you grow older and become more mature you automatically start respecting your own space and privacy. It’s very important for people to know what your boundaries are and how much access they have to you. The data we generate day-to-day on our social media, showing off our social lives helps people know everything about us, but “social media is a big lie”. “Just because it’s not posted on social media, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.” Start aspiring to LIVE the life that you waste so much time uploading, filtering, and trying to portray on social media. You don’t need to post and tell everyone that you went somewhere (though post it if you feel like) but you can also keep it with yourself and make it a moment, a memory of your life only you have access to (sounds good, right?). There are so many people out there who go to a beautiful place so that they can click good photos and not because they genuinely like the place and they could make memories there. People are too busy clicking pictures that even if they meet after a long time, they talk less and click more when you ask them why so? They will tell you “Dude, we need pictures for the gram!” and that is all they care about. But, think about it; won’t you like it if you see a picture and suddenly remember a memory associated with it, that is capable enough to bring tears of joy to your eyes? Don’t get fooled by social media, everybody is living a lie there. Be more focused on living the moment with those people who matter.

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Tom Green once said, “How can we be free when we are prisoners to social media, in a world without privacy? How can we be free when our every movement is tracked and every conversation is recorded and can easily be held against us? How exactly are we free if we are tethered to our cell phones?”

Nothing good will ever come out of everyone knowing your business. Nothing! People can use information you gave them against you, that too without even feeling guilty.

Let’s assume you are using an Android phone to book an Uber, you pay using Paytm wallet. Presently, the second you turn on GPS in your portable and open uber. Your area is imparted to Uber, Google, and some more applications running behind the scenes. Snapchat even lets your friends know where are you currently. You arrive at the office. Your area is refreshed. On the off chance that you visit a spot time after time, they request that you name it as home or work. So, they likewise know when and what places you visit regularly. So you paid uber using Paytm wallet which you credited using your charge/Mastercard. The majority of the wallets use an outsider installment passage. Your card data was imparted to them as well.

Along these lines, fundamentally in one uber ride, you uncovered your card/bank subtleties to few applications, your area to few applications and since you are using Android, you presented a great deal to Google as well. What's more, if you use Google Chrome and Gmail, which the greater part of us does. Then, at that point, everything I can say is that I don't believe there's anything passed on to impart to Google. You need to give your information to get to these alleged Free services. Protecting your privacy is very important, be it online or offline.

The most important thing is when you are happy with someone, you don’t need to tell the world because here is the fact- No one cares! Not everybody gets genuinely happy for you, and those who do won’t need to know from your post.

When you are a private person, you focus on the most Important person in your life-you! The only thing that matters to you is you, your goals, your relationships, etc. because you are no more bothered about what people have to say and hence you grow into a person you always wanted to be, isn’t that amazing?

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Lastly, I think we tend to overshare to other people because we want to be understood. We want to be accepted because we feel like something is lacking. But when our self-esteem is intact, then we get a good sense of what to keep to ourselves and what to share because it no longer comes from a place of lack but of contentment.

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and privacy and therefore, starved for meditation and true friendship.”
~ C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory
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