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Power of Visualization

Updated: Feb 22

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It is said that “If you can dream it, think about it, visualize it, then you can manifest and achieve it,” and I am sure you must have heard and read about it. But, how practical do you think it is? Or in the first place do you even believe in this concept of “visualization”?

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Well, I don’t think many of us are aware of this concept or its power. I can talk about visualization and its extraordinary power because it has worked for me in ways, I never thought it could.

You must have heard about the law of attraction. Well, the power of visualization works hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction. Believe it or not, you use it without knowing, for better or worse. When you play in your head an event, past or upcoming; you experience it in your mind as if it’s happening to you in the present moment. Wonder why things go wrong? Because they already have gone wrong in your mind. Your mind is way more powerful than you believe it to be. It has the power to attract what you want in life. The universe is your guardian angel here, and it listens to whatever you say. It’s your genie working on the “your wish, my command” theory. Whatever you’ll wish for yourself, you’ll be granted, the only condition is you’ll have to believe that you’ll get it. Without faith and pure trust, nothing works, not even the laws of the universe. There should not be any thought of doubt or negativity, that may spark controversy because then you’ll end up getting nothing. It’s important to believe in oneself, to climb the ladder of success, similarly, it’s important to believe in the power of the Universe to attract what you want.

Everything happening around us is just the effect, our thoughts are the cause. Understanding this simple statement will help you understand and justify the law of attraction because the power of visualization is nothing but the law of attraction working on our thoughts. When you will visualize yourself living the life you want, you will be able to feel it, and that’s the vibe you will emit. Don’t they say, that to have a content, healthy and happy relationship with others, you must have it with yourself first? Ever wondered, what is the meaning behind it? It is because when you feel happy within yourself, only then you can emit and attract happy vibes around you. To attract what you want to feel, you must feel within yourself. To feel loved, you ought to love yourself first and that’s how things will come together and work out for you. Your job is You, when you make feeling good a priority, that magnificent frequency will radiate and touch everyone close to you.

YOU control your mind; your mind doesn’t control you and so, you can think whatever you want. The cheat code is to visualize the kind of life you want to live and act like the person you want to become because when you do so your brain sees you taking these actions. So, your brain starts to change the way it relates to you and when your brain sees you loving yourself and acting up to it, it starts treating you that way, and what else do you want but your brain on your side? Isn’t it amazing to know that you can choose what happens to you, just by manifesting it and thinking about it in the right direction? Simply put, seeing is believing.

We live in a world of distractions. Every medium is fighting for your attention, promising to grant fulfillment if you get this or that thing. When the external world constantly bombards you, it’s almost impossible to define your desires and aspirations coming from your unique soul. This is when the power of visualization can help you tap into your soul’s desires and be in alignment with who you are and here’s how to do so:

  1. Set a clear goal, such as landing a job interview.

  2. Visualize yourself preparing for the interview, sitting in the waiting room, and hearing your name called.

  3. Try to “feel” every moment as if it were happening, from answering tough questions well to accepting the job offer.

  4. See the event in your mind’s eye detail by detail.

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Attract the situations you want to be in, simply by imagining them. For visualization to work, there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind such as:

  1. If you aren't excited about what you want, you won't get it. Be in love with what you want

  2. Frequently visualize: You create a powerful attraction if you can hold your image for even half a minute. Visualize frequently before gradually progressing to longer, more in-depth visualizations.

  3. Try to imagine the following in detail: Better is being more specific about your goal. Make it as vivid and precise as possible when imagining it.

  4. Expect it, not believe it: Your desire and conviction are not sufficient. You must have anticipation. To put it another way, you should anticipate that when you are done with your visualization, it will come to you. Additionally, expectancy is essential to non-attachment because it enables you to trust that the universe will take care of your desires.

  5. Affirmations can help you reinforce your images: Positive thinking can be reprogrammed using affirmations. Keeping your focus on your objective and raising your vibration are the results of positive thinking.

“Visualize the most amazing life imaginable to you. Close your eyes and see it. Then hold the vision for as long as you can. Now place the vision in God’s hands and consider it done.” ~ Marianne Williamson

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