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Never Say Never!

Have you ever experienced such a situation where when you met that person for the first time, you didn’t like them to an extent that you decided not to meet them again but after a few meets, you realized you were wrong? Or when you hear a song the first time you didn’t like it but then it became your favorite song? How many times have you actually tried, or ended up doing just what you thought you wouldn’t do, only to be surprised by the outcome?

The lesson these experiences teach us is “never say never”. Now, this phrase can fit in any kind of situation be it with a person, a song, an adventure, a journey, or anything else. Why? Because you never know, maybe something you feel is worst in the first place, might turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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Because people change, and hence their energy. I don’t believe in goodbyes because you never know if it actually is a goodbye! The person you feel you don’t have a future with can turn out to be “your person”. You never say never. There's always a chance to do things in the future. Talking about me, I never planned to be a blogger, it literally just happened one fine day and hence I don’t plan my 5 years from now because you never know where you may end up. Looking back on my life, there are a number of things I thought and said I would “never do”. Things both good and bad, that today I am happy I did do. So let life surprise you because when it will I am sure you will feel grateful and never say never. How do you know you won’t end up discovering something new even if that outcome does end up being “negative”? There is always a chance to everything.

When we speak of current feelings of aversion toward something, we need to acknowledge that anything is possible and the future is unknown. These feelings potentially are temporary. How many of us have felt strongly about one side of an argument, or stood firmly by one perspective, only to find out there was a gray area or more to the story than a solid black and white answer. It’s amazing the difference a day can make. Sometimes the very things we can’t imagine as being a part of our future end up being just the thing we may need to advance us or help us in some way in other areas of our lives. This random uncertainty is part of what can make life exciting and should be embraced as such!

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Saying “No” is good until and unless you are saying it to the opportunities you don’t know you may get. Instead of saying “I will never do/be/try………,” replace that with “I have not tried/gone/done…….. yet, but maybe one day I will.” It’s been said by many that our choice of words influences our attitude and is a result of our thought patterns. You cannot predict your future anyway; you also don’t want to assume that you are better than certain behaviors. At the end of the day, no matter how much self-control you think you have or how moral you think you are, you are human. Humans make mistakes. We all misunderstand and misinterpret things.

By “never saying never,” we accept the random chaos of life. We need to acknowledge that things in life happen we may not have the potential or information to fathom at the present moment, but may reveal a purpose later on. Satisfy those curiosities and experience as much as you can at least once. After all, we only get one chance, what have you got to lose?

Never say never. The things that you don't plan are the best. ~ Lindsay Lohan
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