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Is Love Enough?

When it comes to love, most of us believe that if two people are in love with each other, it is enough for them and they are now ready to lead a healthy relationship. But is that it? Is love enough? Let’s talk about it.

Let’s assume you are in a relationship, now your partner loves you but doesn’t respect your individuality. Will the relationship last? What do you say? I think it will end! Why? Because your significant other doesn’t respect your space and your boundaries! And taking a break/ demanding space is necessary for any kind of relationship because if your relationship with yourself is healthy and genuine, you will be happy in other relationships too. They might think you are bored of them now, which shows they assume things, you people aren’t communicating well or maybe there is a trust issue, whatever the problem may be but they not giving you space is an issue here - and is big enough for the relationship to become toxic in the long run. Now, nothing is revolving around love here, yet it will affect your relationship and that is what I mean when I say Only love isn’t enough.

You must have been in a relationship or might have seen that some people stay a little too possessive or insecure about their partner. There’s a very thin line between being possessive and being insecure, possessive is still healthy because you fear losing your partner but when it crosses limits it becomes toxic and frustrating, because now nor do you trust them, and neither you trust your relationship with them. It’s good to not take your partner for granted and care about them, but when you start noticing if they are noticing other people or not, dude it’s time to stop and ask yourself; whether you would be fine if they did the same to you? It’s pretty normal for them to get frustrated and show anger towards you. Everyone notices everyone. PERIOD! But that doesn’t mean they are interested in that person. You need to trust your partner here, if they want to cheat you, they’ll cheat anyhow you can’t stop things from happening.

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A relationship becomes healthy, and genuine when two people love and respect each other, know what their boundaries are, understand their individuality, trust each other, communicate, and understand that their partner can not play every role. Your partner may be a good basketball player but might suck at dancing which is alright! He/she doesn’t need to learn how to dance just to impress you, let them learn if they want to. They can be good at talking and can still mess up when it comes to expressing their emotions but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you; it just means they are not good at expressing, we all are simple it’s just who understands us the way we deserve to be understood. Love is like a pizza you won’t like it without your favorite toppings and cheese, no matter how good the crust is. (Yeah, I feel hungry too)

One of the blessings of building safety in a relationship is that we feel free to be ourselves. If we’ve been hurt in the past, we may have vowed never to be so trusting and open again! Our heart may flash the signal: “not available to love and be loved.” Life is richer when we find a partner and friends with whom we can enjoy the special connection that comes from being ourselves and feeling accepted as we are. As two people feel safe to be vulnerable with each other—expressing tender feelings and desires without the fear of criticism or rejection—the connection grows.

What if I tell you that love fades in long run! Yeah, you read it right.

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If the love fades in long run, then what stays? Why do people still stay together? The answer is so many things other than love which we discussed above still remain in their relationship. Not that love completely fades but ok, let’s say it isn’t that passionate as it was in the initial years and that is normal. Love and relationships aren’t complex, we make them complex and scary! If you, can be you, without the fear of judgments and assumptions then you know you want to work on that bond no matter what happens. It’s not important for you and your partner to agree on something each and every time, but it’s important to respect each other even when you disagree. Nobody wins or losses in a relationship because there is no space for you and me, but only for “we” or “us”. Hence, there shouldn’t be any ego but respect and love. Love is doing everything for each other just to see each other happy and sometimes it’s all about dancing to the kind of music they like.

I have been in love, and it was a great feeling. It's when you are attracted to and feel affection for someone. You want to do things for that person. But only love isn't enough in a relationship - understanding and communication are very important aspects. - Yuvraj Singh
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