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Is Destiny a Myth?

Hello Beautiful people!

So today we are going to talk about destiny. Do you believe in destiny? Do you think everything that happens in your life is your destiny or is helping you get close to it? Well, let’s find out what we think.

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You must have heard people saying “fine if this is what my destiny holds, I’ll deal with it”. That is simply their faith in destiny speaking, most of us like to believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason and whatever we are facing right now is shaping us for the future and helping us get close to where we actually belong. This thought process is something that helps people hold themselves together when everything is falling apart.

Let’s assume that you are fully prepared for an interview and when you reach there you find out that the interview stands canceled, the next day because of something urgent you have to leave town and be somewhere and you just can not avoid that. What now? What will you conclude about this situation? Most of us including me will say that “maybe this was supposed to happen, and maybe this job isn’t correct for me” Talking about me, I will leave it to destiny and carry on my search for another job.

Destiny is a faith that helps people keep their shit together! And no, it isn’t a myth, you always get what you deserve and what is destined. Don’t they say “If it’s meant to be, it will be”. Two people can be in a relationship for 10 years and still decide to part ways because of numerous reasons and on the other hand, two people who met 6 months ago can decide to spend a lifetime together. If this isn’t destiny, I don’t know what is. You just sometimes need to believe that things will work out in the best possible way and leave the rest of it to God. Sometimes life is all about taking the chance or leaving the opportunity and believing things will work out how they are supposed to.

You are where you are right now because that is where you are supposed to be. You are supposed to learn that lesson that life is teaching you because that’s how life prepares you for something that you deserve.

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Destiny is no myth, but there are certain myths about destiny: -

  1. My potential does not determine my destiny: You can achieve what you set your heart to, of course, you can. But there will be times when you will do everything you can to achieve something, but due to whatever reason you still will not be able to get it, sometimes the reason is you deserve something more than that or anything else. You do have the ability to change your destiny, but if sometimes you fail to do so just remember God always has something better stored. Remember, "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." you and only you have the power to change your destiny. Destiny doesn't do home visits, you have to go for it yourself.

  2. Destiny happens once, and if I miss it, I will have a mediocre life: Truth is destiny happens every day. “It’s too bad you were sick on Tuesday, November 6th, 2002. You were supposed to run into a man in the grocery store that would have changed the trajectory of your life and led you to discover the cure for cancer. Too bad.” This isn’t how destiny works, but we can be afraid it is! First of all, we have to remember that God is outside of time. He knew you were going to be sick that Tuesday and planned accordingly. Second, destiny isn’t this one-time, find-it-or-lose-it kind of thing. Your destiny is being built day by day as you mature and learn more about how you’ve been designed. You will always get what you should.

  3. I have to figure out my destiny or my life will be wasted: The truth is God guards our destiny. If you’ve ever felt the panic of “Am I wasting my life?” then you’ve probably experienced this myth, too. We can often feel like it’s down to us to figure out our destiny. We imagine God sitting on His hands, saying, “Well, I have some amazing things you could do, kid, but only if you figure them out. Oh, and I’ve hidden them pretty well. Good luck!” But does this represent the God of grace we’ve come to be loved by and to love? “You don’t need to figure out when the transition takes place. God can do—will do—all of that. Allow God to reveal the need He has patterned your heart to follow. In the meantime, live fully what is in front of you.” -The Cure. God cares even more about our destinies than we do. He placed these dreams in our hearts, and He crafted our abilities and interests for a specific place in the world. They’re His dreams, embedded in our hearts. He will guard those dreams, and He will lead us into our destiny.

"The willing, Destiny guides them. The unwilling, Destiny drags them." ~Seneca.

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