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Hold on

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

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Have you ever been in a situation where you could feel that you are acting difficult but there was no way you could figure out why and all you wanted was someone to not give up and just be there?

In a world where people tend to give up on each other just like that, and it’s considered cool all one needs is someone who refuses to give up and holds on to them even on days they hate them for acting the way they are.

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It’s easy to give up on someone, whereas holding on requires patience, time, effort, and most of it all trust. Coming from someone who is not a very big fan of holding on, because I don’t believe in tolerating people when they get on your nerves until recently, I realized that sometimes all we want is someone to be there unconditionally. There are days where you don’t understand your actions, and your mind and you do and say things you don’t really mean, and those days can be very difficult if you don’t have someone to rely on. Sometimes all you need is somebody who believes in you and loves you on days you can’t love yourself.

The point is we all want someone to be there and believe in us without conditions, but do you realize, even you can be that “someone” in a person’s life and maybe can be a reason they still believe in themselves because you do and I am not making things up here. This comes from a personal experience, there are days where I don’t feel like doing anything, don’t even feel like writing a blog, but just because people around me trust me and my potential, they push me to do what they know is good for me and I can’t explain how much it helps.

I agree you may feel drained because of how a person behaves or is acting up when you want them to do quite the opposite but think about it can we not just accept a person the way they are? Tell me something, how would you feel if someone accepts you for exactly the way you are, without judgments, or restrictions, no questions asked, no answers demanded? It would feel good, of course! Then why can’t you make someone feel that? What is so difficult about it? The problem is we keep on expecting people to behave a certain way and they keep on ruining our expectations. Remember one thing, you can’t change the world, the only person you can change is you. I understand that maybe you can’t stop expecting and that is okay, but you can expect how do they do things in their language right? All I am saying is do not expect someone to love you in your love language, accept them in theirs. Your love language can be sharing food while their love language can be roasting you all the time, these are two very different things, right? But the purpose is the same. You see, how you can save yourself from a lot of drama in your life; only if you start to understand and accept people as they are and try to look at things from a different perspective.

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I know, at times holding on becomes too difficult and you should let go when it becomes toxic but you should try first. Not very frequently do you meet people you feel a connection with, and being precise it happens rarely. So, do not let the gems of your life go away like that, maybe all they need is your love and support right now. Hold them tighter on days they feel like the world is pushing them away. Before humming, “ I need somebody who can love me at my worst, No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you see my worth” make sure you are that “somebody” yourself in someone’s life!

This is a small piece of art I wrote, read on:

When she’s crying on your shoulder, and you don’t know what to say

Just whisper softly in her ear, that everything will be okay.

When she says her heart is broken, and her soul feels so alone

Just tell her that you love her, just tell her on the phone.

When you hear her breathe gently and see tears falling from her eyes

Wipe them one by one away, tell her everybody cries.

And soon she’ll look up at you, and maybe start to smile

And thank you just for being there through all the painful while.

And you’ll look up in her eyes and know just what to say

That on you she can depend and everything will be okay!

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