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Embrace the Change

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

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Change can be good for some, and bad for some. I think it all depends on how you take it. Whatever it may be, the fact remains that change is the only constant, whether you like it or not. For some people, the idea of constant and never-ending change is terrifying, because change often involves risk and loss possibly of something big, like your house, your job, your money, your friends, your family, or just the loss of whatever is comfortable and familiar.

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Society changes, technology evolves further every day; the world is always in flux, but what’s most important is that we change too. But despite this knowledge, one of the most difficult things human beings learn during their life is how to embrace change. Things sometimes end for a new beginning to happen, but until that new beginning comes, we are left in pain and confusion because of the ending, we are not able to see and embrace what has happened and we are not very excited about what’s coming up.

These changes may be emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, or all of the above. Some changes happen without a plan, while others are plugged into the calendar and organized just as you wish. Furthermore, with each change, you have the opportunity to integrate new information into your identity and sense of personhood. In other words, with each change, you have an opportunity to grow and become more YOU!

We, need to appreciate the process of change because life is happening even if we refuse to look at it that way. We are forever growing, expanding, aging, and changing. So, what is it about the world that can seem so overbearing and scary when change happens? Why is it that many of us are instantly repelled by the thought of change? If we could only learn to let change work for us and benefit us, we could be happier with our lives and the process of growth.

So, here are some ways to embrace the change:

1. Accept the change: They say that the first part of moving on from a situation, is to accept that it happened and that is how change is. Once you accept that things have changed now, and you are going to grow in a different direction now, things become easy. All you need to do is believe that things will work out for you until they don’t work on you! Instead of being miserable about the situation, why don’t you buckle up and become a better version of yourself? Embrace the change.

2. Use the Power of “fake it till you make it”: See yourself as already being the kind of person who can successfully adapt to any kind of change – and then start showing up in the world as that person. How would you walk, how would you talk, how would you dress, what thoughts would you think, how would you interact with people? Allow yourself to feel normal about change, and act as if you embrace the change there’s no harm in it.

3. Claim your sphere of control: Before acting up, assess the situation and jot down things that you think are or are not in your control. Not everything is in your control and when it’s visible to you then you should leave that situation because it won’t benefit you. You might ask yourself: “Is there anything I can make peace with? Let go of? Ask for help with?”

4. Separate yourself from the experience: As they say, “A single sheet of paper can’t define your future” (well sometimes it can, but with change it’s different) the same way, you are not defined by one change; you are a whole person with vast and diverse experiences. Yes, life changes can impact you greatly, and, you get to decide what each transition will mean for you. If it feels supportive, give yourself a gentle mental reminder of your wholeness. For instance, I use the phrase “I am not this experience, this experience doesn’t define me or make me a horrible person, I still get to define myself and choose who I want to be.”

5. Ask for help: Friends, are the people who will support you no matter what, they are the ones you can be vulnerable in front of, and times of transition and change may call for extra love and care. Tell them what’s bothering you or what’s going on, and let them be a part of your journey. It can help you to move past it and can also help strengthen the bond between you and your friends.

6. Celebrate growth: Through every change, you are making progress. Isn’t this inspiring?! Pat yourself on the back, call a friend, journal, make a social media post, buy yourself a donut, or find another way to honor your growth. Don’t you sometimes go on a date with your partner or hang out with your friends? Do you look for an occasion, no right? So in the same way celebrating yourself shouldn’t require an occasion or a reason, just do it because you should.

7. Reflect on your unique journey: It’s good to look back sometimes, just to see how far you have come. Pause to notice how far you have come. Perhaps you do this nightly or weekly or after a big challenge. Regardless, slow down to acknowledge the distance you’ve traveled.

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8. Connect with the community: People become distant after something happens to them, I mean yes I get you, I did isolate myself too but today when I look back, I think to myself, was there a need to do that? Why didn’t I socialize and connect with my mates? But I am not foolish enough to repeat the same again, and so no matter what’s going on in my personal life, I always try to connect with new people, not isolate myself and socialize as I should, and to my surprise, it helps! It feels good to sit down with your friends, discuss what’s going on, and connect with them casually. And most importantly it helps to embrace the change.

So while you embrace the change, don't forget that god never takes away anything in life without the intention of replacing it with something better! I remind myself everyday, you should try it too, it works, I promise.

If you are going through anything right now, I wish you strength!

Sending positive vibes your way :)

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
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