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Breaking the Biases

First of all, happy women’s day to all the women reading this blog right now, and also to the men, in case you forgot, this is your reminder to go and wish the women of your life to make them feel special. Talking about Women’s Day, I came across certain people today who feel women’s day shouldn’t be celebrated on a particular day because they should be celebrated daily. No doubt, the thought is beautiful. But, isn’t it important to express gratitude sometimes? What do you think? Women should be respected and treated right every day, but some days like today they should be told that you are grateful to have them. How difficult is that? You never know your one message can make their day.

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I am sure you must have heard about biases regarding women, there are plenty! But the most common one is that kitchen belongs to women. Ok then, have you not seen cooks in the hotel or restaurant aren’t they mostly men? Now, what do you have to say about that? The well-known cook from India is a male and so cooking doesn’t belong or is restricted to only women. It belongs to anybody who likes to cook. In workplaces, men are paid more than women for the same work, why? How does that make sense in the first place? Women work more than men and I am not making a bias regarding men here, just stating the fact. Let’s assume you have a cut on your thumb, and the blood just doesn’t stop now, can you handle this and still manage to work all day along with handling all the responsibilities? I bet you cannot! But women do, of course, you can’t help it but can always respect it right?

Women are still not seen at decision-making tables, why? Because they are emotional and you think that they do not hold the ability to think logically and decide accordingly? Let me put it straight, agreed women are emotional (men are too), but if they are emotional then they also very well know how to handle their emotions and make decisions keeping their emotions aside and I don’t think you should ever underestimate their power to handle themselves because trust me nobody does it better.

Women were never expected to be pilots but can you say that even now? (don’t even try). They are in every other field that exists or you can think of. They are breaking the biases and we cannot be more proud.

A woman may act difficult at times, but hey we all do sometimes, don’t we? Maybe if you’ll listen and try to understand her, you can realize that she acts the way she does because she cares and not because she is complicated. She has her life sorted and you are just a part of it. These are just some examples of what people think and act, there are many just like these.

If you’re a woman who sometimes holds back from putting yourself ‘out there for fear of what might happen if you do, this is for you: So, what if people will judge you? They will do that anyway, no matter what you do. But hiding your magic can make you lose confidence, be yourself, open up, act the way you want to. Why restrict yourself? As they say why fit in when you were born to stand out?She is a Dreamer, she is a believer, she is a doer, she is an achiever, and she is “You”.

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The list of the biases is endless because people have a limited mindset and they struggle to think beyond that. No doubt, people are changing and all we can do is hope that they’ll understand someday meanwhile living life the way we want to. Because who cares? You got one life, live it the way you want to, with people you want to.

Now to all the men, who respect not just their women but everyone, treat them just right and make them feel safe. Thank you! It’s because of you people that we still believe good men exist, we owe you a lot! Just like women the men of our society should also be treated with respect because you never know they might be going through something they don’t speak out loud.

To all the incredible women in the world, shine on, not just today but every single day. Happy Women's Day.

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