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Be proud of yourself.

Hey, how are you?

I have a question for you when was the last time you patted your back and told yourself you were proud of yourself? Got you thinking, right? (Aah, I know I always do) We don’t often acknowledge our own efforts or journey, do we? Most of the people I have seen never really realize how inspiring they are to others because they don’t recognize their own worth. How can you expect others to see your worth, if you don’t see it yourself?

Being proud of yourself is just another way of saying you have a strong sense of self-worth. People who are proud of themselves tend to have a great passion for life, feel content and grateful, and are excellent at motivating others. Many women are blessed with this predisposed nature to be nurturing, caring, and encouraging of our loved ones, but in a strange twist of irony, often sabotage their ability to feel proud of their own accomplishments.

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Feeling proud of yourself will only motivate you to move forward with your short-term and long-term goals, therefore increasing your feeling of contentment. Otherwise, you deprive yourself of feeling happy and proud, empowered and strong, and this can cause general dissatisfaction about yourself and life in general. It can be a vicious cycle, one of striving to get somewhere but when you are there you don’t feel the happiness you expected.

You don’t always need to be harsh or rude to yourself each and every time, okay? Try being kind, and see the world changing around you. It is as simple as it may sound, “When the world changes inside you, the world changes around you”.

Won’t you appreciate it if you had someone to see and be proud of your journey and your transformation or growth till date? I am sure you would love that. Let’s try to be a little independent and be proud of ourselves instead of waiting for someone to say it out loud. And saying, “I am proud of myself” won’t work until you are! You need to feel that. We all are growing every day and maybe you acted dumb 6 months back, but hey it’s been 6 months to that right, and again we are growing every day! So, forget about it, move on, understand you made a mistake, and it shouldn’t be repeated, and that is it. No more overthinking about it anymore.

Also, don’t you celebrate when a friend of yours achieves something? You do, right? So, why not celebrate equally when you yourself achieve something? I get it, people around you might not get as happy about it as you do, but who achieved it, YOU! So, who should be happy, YOU! See, so easy! Take yourself out on dinner, have solo dates, enjoy music while sitting across a river, go to your favorite place, read a new book, buy a movie ticket, buy yourself food and clothes and shoes, and whatever you like. There are so many ways to pamper oneself. Applaud your moving forward.

To some people, this theory might sound ridiculous, but let me tell you this one is my very own and it has helped in ways I can’t even express. It all sums up to how you treat yourself is how you teach others to treat you.

Some people keep on boasting about themselves and their accomplishments, and that is simply trying to be the center of attention which comes from a place of insecurity. Those are considered selfish reasons to be proud of one's self. It's also conceited because there's a hidden agenda or motive behind letting everyone know what they have done, own, or can do. You don’t have to do that, be proud of yourself in your way but don’t go on telling people about your achievements, a down-to-earth person looks humble and impressive.

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There are internal and external reasons why people may not feel proud of themselves. Maybe your parent, caregiver, or someone you trusted put you down, minimized your achievements, or said they weren't good enough although you knew you tried your best. The naysayers may have gone as far as to say, “I'm not proud of you.” If this has been the case, I am totally with you on this journey of yours, it takes time to heal, but you can always heal. Negative self-talk eats away your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. If you don't feel good enough, you may doubt that anything you achieve is worth celebrating. To increase your significance in your own eyes, you must learn to have pride in yourself. You must admire who you are, flaws and all. Love what you do. Appreciate where you are in life while seeking to improve. And be grateful for the strides you made.

On this journey of yours, I wish you all the best!

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back today (one from my side too)

Sending all the good vibes your way :)

“You are a firecracker in everything you do. Celebrate yourself every day.”- Hiral Nagda
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