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A Glimpse of my College life.

Hi to you from my home to yours. And we are back again to how it was, it’s 2020 too! Colleges and schools have been shut and we are at our respective houses away from our friends, from the life where we were just not alive but finally living.

After a much-awaited period of time, when we finally started our college life, when we were finally settling and getting used to that life, Corona said: oh, you are happy? Let me treat you right! But alright this phase shall pass too, and we shall reunite (it’s good to think good)

Recalling my last 2-3 months, I see my life taking turns, it was a rollercoaster ride it had ups and downs, but with friends around everything seemed easy, as if at the back of my mind I always knew no matter how big the problem is when together we will sort it out. It felt safe hanging out with them. I have been a person who likes staying in since forever, probably because I never really went outside and home felt safe and comforting, but then I met these idiots at college with whom every ordinary thing felt different, with whom staying out felt like a better idea than staying in. I remember the evening tea we used to have, there are certain spots around our college where we go to have a fair share of time with each other. The clock would strike 6 and no matter how much chilled the weather was, or no matter if it was raining outside or not, our feet refused to stay in, then we would all meet and have a good time together.

One of us loves to roast sometimes to an extent you would start doubting your own worth, another one is everyone’s favorite he is fun to be around and it was because of him that we all came together and are still together, then we have a person whom we call diplomat (we will always call him diplomat even on days he is not, because it annoys him, but he is my best friend and really good at finding new places to drink tea), then comes another guy who is veryyy tall and loves to hear English songs and doesn’t give a shit about the world and is a child at heart, then comes another person who is trying to open up and says it all through his death stare, and then comes someone who was innocent at first but is getting smarter day by day (proud of her), then we have someone who cares about everyone and makes sure everybody is doing well with all the love in her heart (my very own home), then there are two people who live far away from us but keep a check on us whenever they can, we have another one who is studious and sings really well and then it’s me( you know me, I am fun)!

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You might feel from my writing, the way I am recalling everything as if my college is over, No fortunately not. But, staying away from all those laughs, those lame jokes, evening tea, walks, and much more seems like a punishment. I could only imagine waking up to mountains, and it feels like a dream to be actually waking up to that balcony view of ours (the picture on the right), I would do anything for it, life seems worth living there. In three months, that place became our happy place; whenever we used to miss home, we all would gather together and try to cheer each other up. I remember when we received mail that our exams would be offline, we almost sat on the road and then took our speaker and went to suicide point, I don’t know why we did that, but as I told you everything is fun and everything makes sense with them. Just because we all were screwed now, it felt okay :D And how we gave our offline exams would need a whole different blog, all I can say is what an experience it was! Calling each other the night before and hearing, that they will finally start studying now, nothing much; just the life of an engineer.

Going to meals is so much fun with your girl squad around! One of us is a toddler, and she loves to spoil her fingers each time she eats food but we love the child inside her, then comes her room-mate who is childish but acts really mature at times, then we have someone whom we call our mom (because of her death stare, I swear it’s deadly) and then is the one who loves everybody, she is super sweet and loves to do nail art, another one understands everything but will never say it, then comes my favorite human, my best friend and roommate she is the one who cares about everyone and then it’s me! I can go all day long talking about how crazy we people are when together, after dinner it’s mandatory to sit together for a while and discuss how the day went, and honestly, it feels good to share everything with them because you know they are the ones who’ll be happy for you. The food at home is definitely good, but with them, around even the food at the hostel tastes delicious. It’s my happy time!

I used to read about it, that sometimes we spend a good time with people and sometimes we spend time with good people. With my friends around, I feel it’s always a good time because it’s always joyful and happy and heartwarming and worth it. We as a group fought our battle, sometimes we had fights with each other but deep down we knew it was for each other and the best part is after all that happened at the end of the day, we were together! Some days were very tough but now when I look back, I feel it was worth it if at the end of the year, things were good between us and we all had better relations with each other.

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I miss everything but today I miss sitting in the sun on a Tuesday afternoon writing the blog while I witness mountains and feel peace within. Nostalgic enough! But we will get back to it soon!

The college has taught me so much in three months and I can’t wait to go back and experience more of it. I miss my Favorite Mountain, my morning view, my people, and literally everything. Words cannot express it, but it feels good and heartwarming enough to talk and write about my last three months.

Also, spending your college life in the mountains is such a flex!

People used to tell me college life is the best phase of one’s life, I didn’t know what to say back then but now it feels relatable. I hope you too find your people in college and when you do, execute every crazy idea that comes to your mind :)

“ How big an influence is your college friends? For me, I can afford to be stupid as long as I am with them”
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